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Exterior shutter parts for Brand new Day Care facility

Exterior shutter parts for Brand new Day Care facility

The Client and the scope

A sub contractor who was working on a new day care centre in Mooloolaba approached us; they had come up with a problem and needed an innovative solution.

Evolution Early Learning is a modern facility based in Mooloolaba, it is a new build kitted out with age specific designated play and learning areas for children aged 6weeks to 5 years. The Facility has an abundance of shaded outdoor space and architectural designed play scapes, as well as carefully designed and planned indoor spaces that let in natural light and shade it away when it is sleeping time too.

The exterior shutters were the part of the project that we became involved with due to an architectural problem. 

The Problem - Exterior Shutter Parts

The extrusion used in the shutters was not an articulated shutter system, it was one that was meant for fixed screens and so the shutters would not work. They needed specific parts to make them work but another part of the problem was that the lead-time on ‘stock parts’ was far too long, so a local solution was needed.

We were called upon to help find a solution to the issue. We attended the site, assessed the problem and worked with the Subcontractor and architect to re imagine the end result.

It ended up with The Sunshine Coast Maker Space machining the specific parts required to make the shutters operate.

We machined hundreds of parts to ensure that the Exterior Shutters were in full working order in time for opening day

We machined hundreds of parts to ensure that the Exterior Shutters were in full working order in time for opening day

Our Solution

To complete this project The Maker Space machined over 1100 parts in a very short space of time to ensure the Day Care Centre opened on schedule.

We did think about 3D printing some of the parts, but opted to machine the parts instead, which ensured a higher quality finish and it was far quicker too.


What the client thought

The sub contractor on site was very happy with the end result and the fact that the exterior shutters were operational before final handover.


Customised Automotive Parts Manufacturing.jpg

The Client

(MS-RT Australia) is the local arm of an International business that customises Ford Ranger and Ford Transit commercial vehicles to a prescribed formula, they have an obvious passion for motoring

They create the MS-RT Rally version of the Ranger and the Transit, and also the Valentino Rossi VR|46 version of the Ranger and the Transit.

Each car is designed in-house by expert automotive design staff and engineers. This smart team of people know exactly what parts and components are required to handcraft and customise the vehicle to the high-level customisation spec. So when parts are hard to source, they turned to The Maker Space for a customised and quality solution.


The Scope: For their Ranger vehicles MS-RT needed to manufacture Sump Guards locally. They also needed to source a supply of the mounting spacers that mount between the chassis and the sump guard on the Ranger

“We had heard about The Maker Space through an internal contact and we knew Dominic well. So we asked him if The Maker Space could manufacture the parts we needed. They could, it was a relief to find a local manufacturer who could quickly and expertly machine quality parts that we needed, not just as a one off but as an ongoing supply.”

MS-RT supplied the data that would ensure the required parts would be manufactured to specification and The Maker Space quoted on the project and the quote was accepted. MS-RT found that the costing was in line with their expectations and the order was placed.


The Outline:

In bringing the MS-RT brand to Australia (from its origins in the UK), MS-RT needed to source as many components locally as possible. Being a bespoke design, all of the components they use are specifically manufactured for these cars, and until now, always in Europe.


The Problem:

“Transporting bulky and heavy parts from Europe is not cost effective and sourcing as many components domestically as possible was important to our company” said Frank York, Managing Director of MS-RT Australia.

MS-RT have a demand for high quality and precision in all of the components used to build their cars, choosing to only use high profile and reputable brands, such as OZ Racing wheels from Italy; tyres from Michelin in Germany; leather from Poland; lighting from Lazer Lamps in the UK; suspension components from Germany; exterior decals and badges from England, the list goes on. This shows us that only the very best parts are even considered for use in the vehicles they handcraft.


The End Result

“Turn around and delivery was swift”

“The components we received were impressive. They were individual works of art, and indeed it will be a shame that no one will see them when they are mounted on the vehicles!” Said Frank

When asked if he would recommend The Maker Space to handle future small batch contract works, his response was:

“We would certainly recommend Dominic and his enterprise – The Maker Space. Despite our business being located in Melbourne, and them being located in QLD, distance and communication proved no barrier.”

“We believe that all Australian businesses should support other Australian enterprises, especially in the engineering and manufacturing arena. If we don’t use it, we will lose it. As our manufacturing base shrinks in this country, we will become more reliant on foreign manufacturing businesses, and this is not good for our economy, our workforce, or our strategic Defence capabilities.”

We hope The Maker Space goes from strength to strength, grows its customer base, and continues to grow its own manufacturing base. Our experience suggests it should”

Frank York

Managing Director, MS-RT Australia

AUTOsource International Pty Ltd


The Sunshine Coast Maker Space gets involved in a variety of small batch manufacturing projects all the time. It is part of our offering to supply hand-machined parts to solve specific problems that are happening on site. Our team are capable, experienced and professional machinists and industrial designers. We have the solutions to your curly problems. 


Pedestrian & Bicycle Counter for Mooloolaba Cycleway

Outdoor Display for pedestrian and bicycle usage display and public information for Sunshine Coast Council

The Client and the scope

Sunshine Coast Council required an outdoor display to measure and communicate usage of a new cycleway in Mooloolaba. The cycle way was a 5 part project that attracted some government funding, and the final stage of the development was valued at $5m. Council approached us to deliver a custom solution for the outdoor digital display.

We looked at existing technology and felt we could deliver a solution that would suit councils unique requirements. 

The Problem - High Technical Challenge and Tight Schedule

There are several companies that could supply hardware for this application, however none were able to achieve the deadline, and none were able to offer a suitable custom solution. To deliver the project on time, we short cut the design process and began manufacturing before the design was complete. We made allowances in our process so we could complete details as they became available. For instance we knew the screens would not be delivered in time to complete the electrical installation on-site, so we built a separate chassis that could be pre-installed while we continued the fit out of the screens.

Our Solution

We used local suppliers where possible to minimize transport and wait times. The client agreed to cover some upfront costs to have the electronics shipment expedited. We spread the work amongst the team to maximize our efforts. From the outset we planned our tasks to make sure we could meet the installation date, and planned for all of the known problems that could arise on the job.


What the client thought

Sunshine Coast Council have been quite pleased, and we are thankful for their belief in the Maker Space to deliver a solution.